What is the Unlimited Wash Club?
The Unlimited Wash Club is a membership service that enables you to wash your car or truck once a day, every day for one low monthly fee.


How do I get started?
Visit our store kiosk or check out our website.


Can I cancel or change my plan?
Yes, come to the store or email us 7 days prior to your next billing date.


Are there long term contracts when I join?
Absolutely Not! You can cancel any time. There are no long term contracts or cancellation fees.


Does the Unlimited Wash Club charge my credit or debit card on a monthly basis?
Yes. Your card will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your membership to ensure there is no lapse of service.


Do each of the vehicles I own need its own membership?
Yes. Each car you wish to have unlimited car washes available to it needs to have its own unique Freaky Fast Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club account.