At our place, you may fill up on a wide variety of drinks, foods, and snacks, fuel up on gas, and utilize our car wash.  We’ve got all your bases covered.


At Food Mart, we’re better.  We’ve got hot foods and hot drinks to warm you up through the winter, and for the summer, we have ice-cold treats and ice-cold drinks to help you beat the heat.  We made refreshing beverages and delicious add-ons easy to get, at our newly renovated gas station/carwash in Vegas.


Freaky Fast Chevron is the most convenient location in the area, offering three major services, convenience, gas, and carwash, all in one spot.  If you are on the move or in a rush, this is the place to swing by.

From custom hot dogs and mixed drinks, to satiating your starving sweet tooth, we’ve got it all.  Don’t just stand there and be hungry, come on in and get fueled up.


Head on over to REFRESH and REFUEL, to try our premium frozen fruit icees by Frazil, custom hot dogs at the quick eat grille, or fresh-made tamales.  We also carry a variety of grab heat & eat options as well as an abundance of bagged snacks, from popcorn to Fritos or chips and even hot & spicy fried pork skins.


Located in the center of our convenience store you will find anything from beef jerky to donuts, oreos and cookies, cereals and energy bars, to big bags of chips and dips and everything in between. We excel in quality and variety over quantity, so there is sure to be something for everyone.


We never sleep! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Feeling tired or need a pick-me-up? Swing by the coffee bar!  We carry Froffee, a blended frozen coffee available in a frappe or mochaccino flavor.  Nothing is as tasty and energetic on a hot day.  If you prefer a classic style, we offer vanilla or mocha iced-coffee by Delight™, alongside high-quality french vanilla and half & half dispensers.  We also carry five styles of hot coffee to keep you warm and ready in the winter, including a rich and creamy cappuccino dispenser.  In fact, our coffee is the reason we are open 24/7. It’s that good.

revovated freaky fast bathroom

We pride ourselves in maintaining higher level of hygiene standards than everyone else.  They say you can gauge the overall cleanliness of a business by how clean the restroom is, and that is why ours is picture perfect.


Need to beat the desert heat or want a quick drink? Our vast array of ice-cold beverages are maintained just above the point of freezing.  You will find no fresher drink than here at Food Mart.  We carry every and any drink you are looking for, we have all the favorites, and more.

What do energy drinks and tropical birds have in common?  It takes more than toucans to wake me up.


Did someone send you out to get ice cream, or maybe, you have a sweet tooth yourself?  We carry the ice cream family favorites, from Drumstick to Toll House, and Butterfinger, or even the nostalgic Thrifty, from 1929.

If you feel like treating yourself, or someone else, grab one of our unique Ben & Jerry’s flavors to put a smile on their face.  Nothing melts away stress like your own tub of frozen deliciousness.