High Quality Car Wash Everytime

Many traditional car washes require substantial wait times. Others ask that you physically get out of your vehicle, as it goes through the tunnel, requiring you to remove all items from your vehicle before washing. The alternative is to wash your vehicle at your house. Until now, there has not been anything QUICK, with great QUALITY and CLEAN about washing your car. Now, Freaky Fast Car Wash has changed all of that!


Using the latest car wash technologies, Freaky Fast Car Wash allows customers to remain in their vehicles during the automated wash process, all while delivering the high-quality car wash you expect – every time. Our car wash attendant will help you through the wash process during select hours OR you can use the automated pay station to allow our state of the art conveyor to move your vehicle into the wash and out clean. Additionally, for your convenience, we offer FREE POWERFUL SELF SERVICE VACUUMS. No hassles, no waiting, no kidding!